Life coaching


Life coaching is a process of building a relationship /s between a coach and a coachee /s in order to bring about meaningful life-changing, transformational experiences. The process is based on clarifying values and visions, and setting goals and new actions so that an individual may lead a more satisfying, successful and significant life. Some examples of life skills coaching include:



Business coaching


Business coaching can be applied to all types of business and to various levels of people within these organisations. It ranges from individual and team coaching in large corporations to owners and employees of small-to-medium-sized businesses and other organisations. Business coaching could include:



Executive coaching


Executive coaching is a collaborative, individualised relationship between a business executive and a coach, the aim of which is to bring about sustained behavioural change and transform the quality of the executive’s working and personal life. Some areas include: leadership development, specific skills coaching, executive planning and problem solving, emotional intelligence and work/life balance.


Team coaching


A team is a special designation awarded to a group of people with complementary skills, who feel energised by their ability to work together, have shared goals, are fully committed to a high level of  output, and where the need for a high level of relationship is required. Team coaching assists team members to become more self-directed, goal orientated, improve quality and productivity and build stronger and more lasting relationships with each other and customers.


Action learning coaching


Action learning coaching is similar to experiential learning and is based on a process of drawing from experience. The experience can be something real which is current or something which is set up by the coach. The experience is usually drawn from some task assumed by a person or team. It involves action and reflection on that action. Action learning coaching is intended to improve practice.